Once again the spammers have found our Team Talk page, and gotten busy with all kinds of childish junk. So you will be prompted for a username and password - they are both the same, the acronym for the big ride we do every spring. Chris

What do you need to know to be a Team Riverlea rider? Less than you'd expect - 98% of it can be captured in three words - "just show up". Some of the other 2% is described in these pages, but mostly it's just getting out on the road and becoming comfortably familiar with north central rural Ohio. Click on the Team Talk link on the left for any announcements or news you'd like to post.

The Team Riverlea spring ride schedule is listed below. Columbus Outdoor Pursuits runs TOSRV, and has a number of organized rides too (some on the TR schedule). Their web site is at The 2010 Ride Calendar is at

NOTE : Rides start at 9:00 a.m. except for COP-organized rides which start no later than 8:00 a.m. Check the TEAM TALK link to the left at 7:00 a.m. for day-of-ride updates and current weather information.

Date Where Start Miles
3/10,11 Galena Ride Meet at McNamara Park, Genoa Township 20
3/17,18 Prospect Ride Meet at Klondike Ball Field, Klondike Road north of SR 42 35
3/24,25 Delaware Ride Meet at McNamara Park, Genoa Township 35
3/31, 4/1 Marysville Ride Meet at Glacier Ridge Metro Park, 9801 Hyland-Croy Road, Plain City, OH 40
4/7,8 Centerburg Ride Meet at McNamara Park, Genoa Township 45
4/14 Woodstock Ride (COP) Westerville Central High School 30/55/100
4/15 Cardington Ride Meet at McNamara Park, Genoa Township 50
4/21 S.P.O.T. (COP) Cyclist Connection, 200 Cemetery Road, Canal Winchester, OH 35/102
4/22 Granville Ride Meet at McNamara Park, Genoa Township 70
4/28 Rosedale Ride Meet at Heritage Trail Head, Hilliard, OH 50
4/29 Mid-Ohio Century (COP) Delaware County Fairgrounds, Delaware, OH 35/65/100
5/5 Kilbourne Ride Meet at Heritage Trail Head, Hilliard, OH 50
5/6 Top of Ohio (COP) Hilliard Community Center -or- Milford Center School (60) 20/60/100
5/11 TOSRV carbo-load Dinner Location TBA 7:00pm?
5/12-13 51st Annual TOSRV! Downtown 100/100

TOSRV past (2009)

"Dad, are those angels?" "No son, that's Team Riverlea. And that's not heaven, just a really big hill."

Current weather


When you ride close behind another bicyclist, you don't have to work as hard. The bicyclist in front of you serves as a windbreak, reducing your air resistance. Experienced bicyclists take advantage of this effect, drafting each other in a paceline.

In a paceline, each bicyclist works hard for a little while at the front, and then drops back to the rear along the left side of the line of riders. Large groups may ride in two lines side by side - a double paceline, with the leaders dropping back along the outside, right and left.

A well-coordinated paceline is poetry in motion, but drafting is always a little risky. To take advantage of the windbreak effect, you must follow the rider ahead of you closely; but you must never let your front wheel overlap that rider's rear wheel. If the wheels touch, you suddenly can't balance and you'll almost certainly take a quick, hard fall. Other riders behind you may land on top of you. Ride in a paceline only if you've developed good control over your bike, and you know that the other bicyclists can also manage the situation safely.

Everyone in a paceline must ride smoothly, with no quick braking or swerving. Look past the rider in front of you: Don't stare at his or her rear wheel. Try to anticipate the moves the lead rider will make. The lead rider should announce road hazards: "Glass," "Dog right," "Car up," and maneuvers: "Slowing," "Left turn."